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Blackbeard’s Cruises FAQ

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Blackbeard’s Cruise FAQ

DWF recommends getting there a day early.  Blackbeard's Cruises are typically Saturday-Fridays.  For a 3pm departure on Saturday, the typical 12:30pm arrival time doesn't give you a lot of wiggle room if you have to deal with delays or canceled flights. Just get there a day early (Friday), get a hotel, explore Nassau with your soon to be dive buddies and relax.    
While I won't endorse a specific airline...remember that some airlines charge baggage fees. If you check 2 bags that's an extra $50 per leg..($100 round-trip). Just figure that into your choice.
List of Nassau Hotels

There are hotels located in downtown Nassau as well as right near where the boat is docked (Nassau Harbor Club).  I definitely recommend staying near the boat.

Absolutely!  Last year (2017) it was $15 each way.  That may or may not be cheaper than taxi, but it's DEFINITELY easier.  You're on vacation, man!  Get the transfer.
Unfortunately no 🙁
Cool. Email DiveWithFrank and I'll answer it directly...and get it down here!