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Distinctive Specialty Database

Any PADI Instructor at the level of Master Scuba Diver Training or higher can write their own Distinctive Specialty course.  I spoke with somebody at PADI last week (as of October 2018) and they told me there’s something like 15,000 distinctives that have been written.

I bet there’s probably a bunch of really interesting ones I’d like to teach out there, but right now I have no way of knowing about them.  So I’m putting together this list so any instructor who has created a distinctive specialty can write me and have their course and contact information added to this list. That way other instructors can be in contact and perhaps learn to teach it.

If you’ve written a distinctive specialty and want to be added to this list contact DWF with the following info:

Your Name, PADI # (I’ll cross check this with Pro-Check), Specialty Name, A short description, keywords you think might be good to search it.

I will be adding new entries to this as I receive them.

Please note that inclusion in this list isn’t an endorsement of any particular instructor or class.  It is just a starting point for a discussion between the instructor and the course creator.  It is still incumbent upon instructors to evaluate the desirability and value of any particular class, as well as to negotiate whatever remuneration to the course creator may be appropriate.

THE LIST can be found below (it is best viewed on a large screen and ideally NOT a mobile device if you intend to search or reorder the list)

Course NameCourse DescriptionLast NameFirst NamePADI NumberEmail AddressKeywords
PADI Marine Ecology Surveyor Diver The purpose of the PADI Marine Ecology Surveyor Distinctive Specialty Course is to introduce divers to non-destructive underwater visual census techniques to facilitate their participation in global citizen science efforts to conserve sensitive, biodiverse marine ecosystems.SchmidtKevin329403kmschmdt@gmail.comMarine, Ecology, Video Surveying, Conservation Sciences
Benthic Survey DiverAn introduction to visual marine survey techniques & this one focuses on the Benthic species & structures of Coral Reefs. Written based on Marine Conservation NGO experience in Madagascar.DavisonNeil300777neildavison300777@outlook.comBenthic Species, Coral Reefs
HMCS Yukon DiverSchmittJonathan322132Jon_Schmitt@yahoo.comHMCS Yukon
Advanced Underwater Sign LanguageThe AUSL course will substantially improve your sign vocabulary so you can communicate better underwater. It's based on ASL so it translates to surface communication as wellThompsonChuck57599O2nitrox@gmail.comSign Language, Communication
PADI Bermuda Invasive Lionfish Culler Ecology and behaviour of this invasive species How to safely handle a spear, hunt and handle a Lionfish Age 12+WakeleyDavid196401wakely.rainbow@gmail.comBermuda, Lionfish, hunt, spear