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For the last 30 years the Handicapped Scuba Association has been making it possible for people with disabilities to experience the world of scuba diving.

Specifically, Frank has studied to train students with multiple kinds of disabilities including blind, deaf, paraplegic, quadriplegic, amputee, as well as students with PTSD and cognitive disabilities.

Frank can teach the following Handicapped Scuba Association (HSA) Courses:

HSA Introduction to SCUBA Diving

Do you have an interest in scuba diving, but aren’t quite sure? In this introduction you’ll get a basic briefing and then get into the pool to see if the sensation of breathing underwater is for you. This is a nice introduction and a great way to check it scuba before committing to the full certification course.

HSA link to Introduction to SCUBA diving

HSA Open Water SCUBA Diver

Take your first real journey into the underwater world with the HSA Open Water SCUBA Diver course. This course which is tailored to the student offers multiple levels of certification — A, B, C, or C with restrictions — depending on the performance requirement met.

HSA link to HSA Open Water SCUBA Diver

HSA Advanced SCUBA Diver

HSA Divers will take their scuba diving with this next level of certifcation.

Learn and refine skills such as:
— Deep Diving
— Night Diving
— Wall or Drift Diving
— Underwater Navigation
— Marine Life Identification

HSA link to HSA Advanced SCUBA Diver

HSA Dive Buddy Course (DBC)

Learn to be a good dive buddy for your HSA Certified dive partners.

In the HSA DBC you will learn about
— Learn about different kinds of disabilities
— Learn about accessibility and travel issues
— Learn about special considerations for divers with disabilities

This course included lecture, confined water skill development, and open water skill development.

Learn to be the best dive buddy you can be!

Prerequisite:Open Water Certification +20 logged dives

HSA link to HSA Dive Buddy Course

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