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Megalodon Tooth Fossil Diver

Who should take this course?

You’ve seen those teeth.  The trophies your buddies bring back from their shark tooth hunting trips down to North Carolina.  Well, isn’t it time that you learn a little about those fossils yourself?  The Megalodon Tooth Fossil Diver distinctive specialty course will teach you all you need to know about finding those teeth on your next trip (hopefully with DiveWithFrank).  The prerequisite is Advanced Open Water diver (or equivalent).  And while it’s not a prerequisite, I would really encourage you to consider getting your Enriched Air Nitrox certification to extend your bottom time while hunting for teeth.

What will you learn?the_haul

This unique distinctive specialty starts by teaching you about the Megalodon Shark.  Learn about these mind-boggling large creatures (and why you don’t need to worry since they’re not around anymore).  During this course you will learn:

  • The known history of the Megalodon Shark
  • Megalodon Tooth history and skills / equipment necessary to safely explore for these fossils underwater
  • A systematic, methodical approach to finding these fossils, cleaning, and caring for them

The Megalodon Tooth Fossil Diver specialty includes an optional confined water skills development dive and 2 open water dives.

Remember that this specialty can credit towards your Master Scuba Diver rating — the black belt of recreational diving.

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How can you start learning now?

Contact Columbia Scuba (410) 381-1994 or DiveWithFrank and tell them you want to sign up for the Megalodon Tooth Fossil Diver course!

What scuba gear will you use?

You’ll need a dive computer along with the rest of your basic scuba equipment.  You’ll also need a mesh goodie bag, dive slate, wreck reel, cutting tool, and SMB.

How Long Will It Take?

We typically spend one session in the classroom going over the course material.  At instructor (that’s me) discretion we may do a confined water skills development dive.  This course requires 2 Open Water Megalodon Tooth Fossil Dives.  Basically we’ll do the classroom work the week before a Meg Tooth Trip and we’ll finish up the dives while we’re there.


Sign Up Today

I teach this course through Columbia Scuba, so contact them (410) 381-1994 and tell ’em you want to sign up for the PADI Megalodon Tooth Fossil Diver distinctive specialty course with Dive With Frank! Or you can always contact me directly.